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The Cellum Plug&Pay App SDK is built on the same core engine that powers our numerous mobile wallets used across the globe.

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Trusted by financial institutions and carriers around the world, our card vault offers fraudless operation using tokenization and a PCI-DSS 3 audited backend.

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Everything you need for true m-commerce apps: software, documentation, technical support, plus international payment processing.

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Expand your apps
with payments

No matter the size of a business, it benefits from providing customers a frictionless way to immediately complete a purchase. The ability to instantly pay for goods and services dramatically cuts cart abandonment and enhances customer satisfaction. Though many businesses now have great apps to engage customers, they keep losing sales due to failing to close the purchase loop. Our Cellum Plug&Pay partner program allows you to do just that. It makes available the same payment engine that has been powering the mobile wallets of several major financial institutions and carriers across the globe for years via an easy-to-use SDK.

Expand your apps

Banking-grade security

Banking-grade security
built right into the core

Cellum Plug&Pay gives app developers access to the Split Secret card vault, which is the cornerstone of Cellum’s security. It uses RSA and AES encryption, and a proprietary data fragmentation method to securely store and access users’ credit card details. When making a transaction, only a token is transmitted and the referenced card data is only assembled in the processing bank’s system, precluding the risk of fraud via hacking or interception.

Complete package
with more to come

Cellum Plug&Pay is more than just a set of tools – it is our all-round partner program. Enrolled partners get access to:

  • the Software Development Kit – including full documentation and a sample app;
  • the Split Secret card vault – your key to security;
  • international payment processing – select an acquirer from our list or bring your own;
  • a test environment – to test the applications you are building;
  • technical support – to help you towards a successful implementation;
  • MasterPass compatibility – to help you reach a wider audience.

Enrolled partners can choose from a range of acquirers, or bring their own acquirer. Applications leveraging our SDK work with any currency supported by the selected acquirer.

We are continuously expanding the program with further functions, giving you even more tools to enrich your app's m-commerce capabilities.
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